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Packaging Design
Packaging needs to encompass mathematical precision with artistic flair. You can't have beautiful designs if the engineering of your wrapping lets your product down.
Creative Packaging Design
Package design should entice, educate, wrap and protect an item. In short, it needs to be the full package! To speak directly to consumers, package design needs to convey a clear message. Effective packaging design will make the difference between high and low sales. It needs to stand out from the competition, to leap off the shelf, but the design will also require the inclusion of information so clarity is essential, as this needs to be easily understood at the point of purchase so that the consumer can make an informed decision.
The Perfect Package
Additionally, the packaging design needs to offer a bespoke solution to the problem of containing the object in question. Apart from considering the faces of of the package, packaging design must also consider the engineering. From folds to cutters, to slits, to drawers and locking tabs, the designer must understand how the item will sit on the shelf, how it will be held, and how it will be opened. The packaging designer must look for interactivity between object and consumer, to intrigue whilst clearly displaying the object and re-enforcing your brand... we can help with these requirements - drop us a line.
Packaging tips
Impact on the shelf - your packaging design needs to be noticed, we can get it to pull at the heartstrings with its delicacy or shout loudly from the top shelf.
Durability / life-span are important considerations, does it have to last the rigours of transit or handling, is the package a disposable item, what will happen to it when its been disposed?
Consider the purpose - can it be used as a marketing tool to cross sell additional items or services?
Touch and feel - client interaction is important, how your package feels in the hand can reinforce an appropriate marketing message.
How are similar products within the range represented, what is the glue that sets them apart as a collection?

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Are you looking for a better return on investment from your website?

Is your website working hard enough for you?

We are a digital agency focusing upon maximizing the return on investment in your website.
We specialize in presenting your brand in a compelling way to your prospective clients and audiences and converting visitors to customers.
Providing you with a great web design and the ability for you to take control of your web content is only half of the story. We build web sites that focus upon the end user with user centred principles to ensure your website works for you and your audience.
All of our web designers, developers and online marketing specialists are in-house and understand what makes websites work.
Our new web design has been well received and I would be happy to recommend you as a web designer to anyone that required similar services to ourselves. The price was very low as well, which is always welcome...
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